We DARE you!

Today we want to remind you to let NOTHING stop you!  Only you have the control in reaching your goals and dreams.  A lot of times we can let fear stand in the way. Fear of failing… not being good enough and sometimes, fear of actually achieving our goal and then saying ‘now what?’.  Success is also scary, because it’s a lot to take on.

Once you reach your goal, you have a lot to live up to, right!?  It’s true, but remember that we all learn every-single–day.  As soon as you reach one goal, you set another.  We’re all a work in progress.  Maintaining is part of the journey too.

Another thing that can stand in our way is commitments… being a good student, employee, mother, daughter and friend; but we want you to remember as soon as you put YOU first, you’ll be able to give more love in your life.  The more confident you feel in yourself and your own dreams, the more you can help others achieve theirs, encourage friends, be a better mother and role model, and a more caring friend and companion.  Be the example that your friends and family need to look up to.  Only compare yourself to yesterday and not anyone else.  Have you improved yourself from the day before?  We’re all unique, and your success is not compared to others, it’s what you can personally achieve in your lifetime.  As long as you focus on that, you’ll far exceed any of your own expectations.  We promise!

One more thing that can stop us from reaching our goals is the time and effort it takes to reach them.  The dream seems far fetched, it seems like a million workouts and journal entries away and too many things need to be sacrificed to reach it. It’s too much work… it’s not true! For every day that you’re afraid to put the work in, to improve yourself, is another day passed that you’ll never get back.  Stop waiting for tomorrow and DO what you promise yourself TODAY.  We have faith in you.  We believe in YOU.  Your dreams are as real as anyone else’s, so focus and remember what we tell you- this is your Dream Team. Thousands of women that all have these things in common to achieve their Dreams… Desire, Determination & Dedication… with no distractions.

Let nothing stop you today… not any negative talk, no critic, no doubt or fear, not anything.  Let nothing stop you this week, next week and until you reach your goal.  We’re holding you to it right now; your commitment to yourself is so important, so you can give more love to others.  Take action now.  We DARE you.

Sincerely, your trainers,

Karena & Katrina