Featured Member Inspiration ~ Rosey Pullman!


Remember Rosey!? We sure do! She was a Featured Member Inspiration on November 29, 2011.. PROOF! She emailed us over the weekend (read below) to give us an update on her progress. Talk about hard work paying off ~ sheer determination.. We couldn’t be more proud and happy for you Rosey!! Follow her on Twitter <3

Hi Tone It Up! I wanted to give you an update on where I am with my transformation. Last time I submitted my photos, I was halfway to where I wanted to be!

I’ve continued to live a clean eating and active lifestyle and it’s been almost a year now since my body has started to change. I’ve come a loooong way! (I’ve had 22 years of bad habits to shed!) When I started losing weight I never thought there would be a light at the end of the tunnel, the change was slow, but I didn’t give up.

I set little goals for myself along the way which helped me keep going and fighting the fight! I knew I needed to change when I reached 170 lbs and had no energy, self-confidence or even loved myself. My first goal was to lose 10 lbs and when it didn’t come quickly I knew I had to look for some help because I had a long journey ahead of me.

Tone It Up was my saving grace! I can’t say enough about how beneficial it is to be knowledgable about food and exercise now. K&K really helped me make the right eating choices for my husband and I, as well as, living a simply active lifestyle!

I’ve had 10 lb hurdles to jump over and they haven’t been easy to get over. I’ve been stuck at 146 lbs for about two months and wanted to break the plateau because I’m SO close to my goal weight of 135lbs. I just finished the 7 Day Slim Down and I can now say I have only five more lbs to lose to reach my goal. Just in time for summer!!!

I’m not going to stop once I reach my goal, but I’ll reassess once I get there ;-) Thank you Tone It Up, for inspiring women like me, each and everyday! Your encouragement, support and the community you’ve built has been indescribable!

PS.. I can’t wait for my Perfect Fit protein powder to be on my doorstep!

All my love,
Rosey Pullmann

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Have you signed up here for the Bikini Series?  It’s not too late!