Your first Challenge!

Hola Babes,

Are you ready for your Sunday bikini challenge? Karena and I are sending this from Puerto Rico!! :)

We just arrived today and we’ll be shooting the new swimsuit campaign for Oakley Women! There will be some awesome Oakley giveaways during the Bikini Series, so stay tuned…

Today’s Bikini Series Challenge

  • Set your goals for the next 8 weeks.  This is so important!  Visualize what you want to achieve… where do you want to be?  How do you want to feel in 8 weeks?  What challenges will you overcome by summer?  How do you plan on staying committed?  Write them in your Tone It Up journal HERE

  • Share two of your goals on Twitter, Facebook or on the community wall. We are holding you accountable! Committing to the series means you will fully accept all challenges, workouts and maybe a dare here and there from your trainers ;)


  • We want you to prepare for success ~ Pack your healthy meals for tomorrow and plan your workout.
  • Tomorrow, complete your 8 Toning Moves and the ‘Plateau Buster’ from your Self Magazine Drop 10 workouts.- see below!

Be on the lookout for your new workout video on Tone It Up Tuesday :)

  • Monday’s workouts are your 8 toning moves… complete each move for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions!

Your cardio is the plateau buster!  Go here to print all of your HIIT workouts

-Remember to stay Lean Clean ‘N Green with your meals. Lean protein, healthy fats, lots of fresh fruit, unlimited greens and clean food- unprocessed, closest to raw as possible! Have you seen our recipe board on Pinterest?


Be in touch tomorrow… check-in with us & each other!

Hasta luego,

Karena & Katrina


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What does your summer look like?  Karena and I want you to have the the most confident, fun-filled and memorable summer ever!  Join us for the next 8 weeks as we launch new workout videos, daily challenges, inspiration, slimming tips, giveaways and MUCH MORE!!! We have tons of surprises coming your way :) We can hardly sit still.   Get excited for your second annual Bikini Series…

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