Today’s Challenge!

It’s Thirsty Thursday… if you’re reading this, grab some H2O!!!  It’s also Try it Thursday- we want you to try something new :) A new workout, recipe… anything!

We have a brand new video for you below…  We also have a new HIIT routine!

But first— If you haven’t seen on facebook yet, SELF is also gifting 250 of your with our Beach Babe DVD!!  Go here to enter :)

Your challenge this afternoon OR tomorrow morning, is to complete 3 sets of these 8 toning moves!!  These are from your May Issue of SELF Magazine :)

Do these two routines from now until tomorrow.  You can do them tonight or as your Booty Call workout in the morning!

For your printable routine- the issue comes with tear-out cards with the moves!

HIIT It!!! Your Size Shrinker!  We created this workout so you feel unstopable :)

Print all your HIIT routines at this link

Also did you see we posted the Behind the Scenes of our SELF shoot?  Check it out here~

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 11.38.19 AM