So Happy It’s Friday!

Who’s excited it’s Friday!?  We’re so pumped.  Katrina and I are working on a HUGE launch all weekend for something coming your way next week!  It’s new & something you’ve all been requesting for years!  You ASK- we DELIVER :) always

Did you see your calendar today? It’s Happy Hour Friday! We want you to write something down, every hour, that you’re grateful for. You can scribble on a notepad, your journal, your calendar- anywhere. Most of us spend the majority of our day with negative, self-talk & stress. We want you start your weekend remembering what’s important & all the blessings in your life!!

We’d love to hear at least 10 by the end of today ♥ Check out your calendar here~ Check out your workout challenge below.


Also, between this afternoon or tomorrow morning, we want you to do your ‘Leaner Loop’!! It’s part of your Drop 10 Workouts, preparing you to HIIT the Beach!! ;)

Did you send in your Vision boards or Pinterest profiles? There’s over 9,400 girls following your boards!!! If you don’t see your board, we’re still posting! If you haven’t sent it in, send it to us this weekend at

If you’re just joining the Bikini Series- welcome!!  Make sure you read this- ‘A Must Read for the Bikini Series :)’

We of course challenge you to be active this weekend. Remember... for every Friday, Saturday & Sunday that you take off from working out & eating healthy, that’s about HALF of the MONTH!!! The weekends count more than ever to get bikini ready!! It can mean up to a 4.3 pound weight loss (or gain) in a month.

We challenge you to workout both Saturday & Sunday this weekend. Even if it’s a day at the park with your family, a quick 20 minute HIIT workout in the mornings or a sweat session with a friend.. fit it in! If you have some events to go to, eat healthy, choose low calorie options – no fried food! Also, choose a glass of champagne over sugary drinks or a glass of wine. You’ll thank us later ;) No keg stands or beer guzzling this weekend ladies ;)

Check-in with us once you read this! Let us know you’re on board and ready for this. Be on the lookout too.. surprises coming your way!

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