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It’s Thursday, and it’s your HIIT workout #2 for the week! HIIT it with your Sexy Sixer workout.

Your body relies on three different energy sources to create output.  These are the Glycolytic system, Phosphagen system and the Oxidative process.  Each of these has their limits, and their benefits.. The first two, the glycolytic and the phosphagen systems are used for intense bursts of energy and output, and are used rather quickly within the body.  Phosphagen is used first, usually within a few seconds of intense activity, which is why glycogen is also used in parallel.  Glycogen is created from carbohydrates taken from your diet and converted in your liver for use in this energy process.  This energy is the fastest available, and the most readily available for most intense exercises.

During HIIT, your body will burn through all of the phosphagen and glycogen within your system first before triggering the oxidative energy pathway.  Once the glycogen has been expended, the body then fires up the oxidative energy process, which pulls stored body fat, and must initiate a process that breaks the body-fat into fatty-acids and triglycerides that can be converted to glucose to power the energy production during your workout.   This is why HIIT is so great for fat burning, by working at close to 100% effort, your body will burn through the phosphagen and glycogen rather quickly, relying on the stored body-fat for energy during the remainder of the workout.  It’s important to note that the process that breaks the body-fat into fatty-acids is long & drawn out, and doesn’t provide nearly the boost that the other energy sources do! what this means for you during your workout, is that you are going to start to feel tired.. it’s at this point that you are making the biggest difference in your physique!

In addition to the energy requirements of the exercise, HIIT also increases the body’s EPOC, or Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, which is the energy required to bring your body to a resting state. This process requires quite a bit of energy to perform, and since you have just burned through all the phosphagen and glycogen, the energy being used to bring your heart rate, body temperature, and respiratory rate back to resting will come from body-fat stores. EPOC can last as long as 24 hours, with the length of time directly relative to the effort & duration of the intervals performed.

Seeing as though performing HIIT has stress-relief benefits, like all exercise, cortisol levels will be much lower.  Cortisol is a hormone that activates the ‘fight or flight’ response, and since your body has prepped itself over thousands of generations to require a mass of energy to either fight or flight, glucose is dumped into the bloodstream to be used as energy for the coming activity.  In our day & age however, we don’t run, we don’t fight, and we don’t use the energy that is being provided from stress, so the glucose is stored as fat.  Since most fat is carried in our mid-sections due to the efficiency of carrying it in this location, rather than our extremities – performing HIIT would have a direct correlation to the amount of fat on the stomach and buns, because it would be less likely to accumulate there in the first place.  Remember to be patient though, since body fat may be stored in certain locations over others, it comes off in even amounts like the layers of an onion, so keep at it!

So head over to SELF.com/Drop10 and check out your HIIT workout for today ~ The Sexy Sixer

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  • Print your grocery list from the Drop 10 Plan.  Many of you are sending messages asking about this… Although we didn’t design the Nutrition challenges for the Drop 10, they have some amazing recipes and they’re focus is on natural foods.  A lot of you are asking which plan to follow… your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan or the Drop 10 Diet.  The diet has delicious recipe suggestions that fit within your TIU plan!  So the answer is BOTH!  Alter the meals and recipes to your needs and if you have any questions about certain foods, ask away!!  If it says a yogurt parfait from McDonalds… don’t panic, grab your Greek yogurt and mix in your ground flaxseed and fruit! (fyi- fast food was a high demand request from a lot of readers on-the-go, so they provided the best options if you are going to eat at fast-food places :)
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