Wild On Wednesday – Your #Drop10Challenge Toning Workout!


We are YOUR TRAINERS in the Drop 10 Challenge from SELF Magazine!!!


It’s WildOn Wednesday, and a perfect day to get in your Toning Moves from the SELF #Drop10Challenge!

  • Today’s workout challenge… your workout video from us!! Watch your video below or on SELF HERE.  For your printable, either print off their site or go pick up this month’s April issue :)
  • Print off your HIIT workouts for the next week!  See below…
  • A lot of you are asking which plan to follow… your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan or the Drop 10 Diet… the Drop 10 Diet has delicious recipe suggestions that fit within your plan!  ***Alter the meals and recipes to your needs and if you have any questions about certain foods, ask away!!
  • Your last challenge for today is to check-in on facebook or twitter!  We’re holding you accountable for these workouts.  We hope you love them!!  Also, share the challenge with your friends :)


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