What is the 7 Day Slim Down?

A lot of you have been asking what the 7 Day Slim Down is… so here it goes! :)

The 7 Day Slim Down is a bonus part of the official Tone It Up Diet Plan & Membership!  It has been created by Certified Nutrition Coaches and Personal Trainers, Karena & Katrina, owners of Tone It Up.

  • Slim down for events, photo shoots or get a jump start on your plan
  • Get yourself over a plateau
  • Tighten & tone up those last 5-8 pounds that won’t go away
  • Cleanse your system and eat whole, natural foods

The 7 Day Slim Down is a meal-by-meal plan that is much more strict and focused than your Lifestyle Plan, and it WORKS. It is geared toward getting you results as fast as possible, because we all know, events and big days can creep up fast.

We show you a detailed slim down to look your best for an event.  We do not believe in gimmicks or fads.  It’s pure science.  It’s one the most celebrated features of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.  We suggest following the Slim Down with your lifestyle plan to maintain the results.  We do not sell it separately, because as Nutritionists, we know that with one, you need the other to maintain.  We believe in eating Lean Clean’N Green~

Join us here, for a lifetime membership and to read more about Tone It Up- ToneItUpDiet.com & read below from women, just like you that have successfully completed the plan!


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  • Kaitlyn Hasty

    Can you purchase just the 7 day slim down or do you have to buy the whole Nutrition Plan?