Believe in yourself!

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We love seeing your updates & progress photos, it’s so motivating seeing you stick to the plan and share the feeling of results that you have been working so hard for! Nothing is more rewarding than that feeling, we know.. but sometimes it’s easy for us to get discouraged, and we feel like whenever we take a single step backwards, our goals disappear into thin air.

The truth is that sometimes we talk ourselves out of our goals, simply because the weight of the task at hand seems like failure would be inevitable.  By taking a look at the goal, and breaking it down into smaller steps, like the rungs of a ladder climbing to the top – you’ll be able to talk yourself into sticking to the efforts that have produced your results so far! It’s not who you are that may be holding you back, but who you think you’re not! Don’t think you’re not capable, don’t think you’re not going to succeed, just plain don’t think you’re not!

By believing that you can succeed, you will find a way to make it work.. and for us, the best measure of success is making steps in the right direction.  So let’s go ladies, pick up that yoga mat, head to your local park, and break a sweat! Get those runners laced up, set up a great playlist and push through a solid run.. do what it is you do that makes you feel like you are making moves in the right direction, and get it in! Once you have regained your confidence, venture outside of your comfort zone and try something all new, something you aren’t sure about, something you’ve never heard of – and show everybody around you what it means to be a Tone It Up girl <3

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