Behind the scenes! Bikini Series shoot :)


This week is pretty exciting… we’re filming a ton of videos, tips and workouts for the Spring Series so you’re guaranteed to have the best summer ever!!  Yup… summer ’12 is YOURS!

It’s been really fun for us, not only because we get to shoot right in our front yard, but because we’re producing it and we get to say what goes (woohoo!) A lot of neighbors have walked down and watched the shoot… we were even able to borrow our favorite VW bus from someone by the beach (Thanks Scott!!)… but now we want one, haha :P

There are so many fun things coming this Spring.  We’re grateful for this team, the support you provide each other and the positive vibes constantly flowing through the TIU Community.  Sending you all love~

You may have already seen our beach cruiser and longboard… but today they debuted in the TIU videos!  Karena’s favorite way to zip around is her longboard skateboard and I love my cruiser… yes, it has a basket and a bell #allornothing :) right?

Big brother Stephen <3

We found these bracelets at a beach shop… the store didn’t know the brand so we’re determined to find out so we can carry them in the TIU store!

Karena and I hangin out between shots.  We styled the whole shoot with Oakley, forever21, Free People and a local thrift/vintage store.


The look on Karena’s face when she was first learning how to drive the VW… we can do this!  I was of course cracking up, because it seemed like an episode of “I love lucy”… but in all seriousness, we want one!

Anyone remember this post on facebook last year?  Still a dream of ours!!!! Some day… But good news is, our visualization led us to producing a pretty fun shoot for Spring ’12

A surfer came up from the water that rescued this little bird.  She was drowning after getting hit by a wave and the surfer saw it happen right in front of him!  The bird hung out for a few hours then finally flew away.  She’s okay :)


  • Lo

    Hi! Can you tell me who makes your beach cruiser? I’m looking for one very similar and just curious. Thanks!