Tone It Up Tuesday! Your New Challenge is Here <3

It’s Tone It Up Tuesday! Today we have a #300RepChallenge for you guys :)

Print this out, or download it to your iPod by right clicking HERE and selecting ‘Save Link As…’

Let us know how long it took you to get through both sets of the circuit! Check in on Facebook, Twitter & the Community <3

Be Sure to Check-In with a Pic! It’s today’s Calendar Challenge!

Also, we wanted to say thank you…


We’re finally back from over 30 days of traveling! It was a LOT to take on, but worth every second. We had the most fantastic time in Hawaii filming the new Tone It Up DVD. With all your input and feedback, Karena and I put everything we had into it… a lot of heart, sweat and lunges :) We’re really excited to launch it this Spring along with tons of behind the scenes footage. TheSundance Film Festival was also a blast… we can’t wait to release all the projects we’ve been working on :)

You’ve kept us going through all of it!!! We just wanted to say thank you~ we love all the support you show us… and each other! You’re all beautiful and inspiring women. Sending you gratitude & thanks

– love karena & katrina


PS – Did you see your Halfway-Point Giveaway! Keep checking in with us & each other, and we are gifting 10 of you with this great package to keep you going <3