Tone It Up Tuesday! Your Fat Blasting Stair Circuit

Tone It Up! With this all new Fat Blasting Stair Circuit. Your Printable workout included!

Find a set of stairs at your Local High School Stadium, a Park, an Office Building, or maybe even your own home!

Push Through Once and write down the time it took you to get it done. If you have the energy, do it again!

We recommend finding a staircase with up to 50 steps (or 3 – 4 flights of regular length)

You ask & you shall recieve!  Check out our new videos where we share what we’re wearing in our videos… watch here.

*** Download your Printable workout by right clicking Here and clicking ‘Save Target As…’

Post your time for the whole round to the comments below! <333




Follow it up with Your Stretch & Release Routine, or Your Foam Roller Routine!

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