Are You Ready!?!? Challenges & Workouts!

We have some challenges for you… these will last for the ENTIRE Challenge!!

We haven’t announced the end date YET, but we are filling you in on the end date tomorrow :)  It’s a surprise.  You should never have an end date to your health and fitness, but we’re going to set a fun goal for you at the end of the challenge.

Your ‘must-dos’  We repeat, for the entire challenge :) And yes… there will be more challenges that you will add to these.
  • Have water with you at all times- see below for your hydration rules :)
  • Eat Lean Clean & Green at dinner for the ENTIRE CHALLENGE- lean protein, veggies and healthy fat.
  • Careful with your starches at dinner, load up on more veggies & lean protein
  • Always pack a healthy snack if you leave your house for more than 4 hours
  • When grocery shopping, buy pre-cut veggies & low fat dressings for snacking
  • Replace processed & packaged carbs with GOOD carbohydrates for fiber, nutrients, balanced blood sugar levels and to tone Up! Ex: Sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat wraps, oatmeal & cereals. Also, load up on veggies, fruit & almonds instead of chips or crackers! (most crackers are high in fat & butter – even the ‘all natural’ kinds) Check your labels :)
  • Processed/packaged carbs to avoid… crackers, chips, white breads, sugary cereals, white pasta & candy (dark chocolate is GREAT- in moderation!!)- also, avoid pizza (unless it’s a healthy pizza recipe :)
  • ALWAYS check-in with your trainers in the community, facebook or twitter
  • Complete 4 cardio workouts a week of 30+ minutes.  See below for some of our favorite cardio workouts
  • Complete 3 toning workouts a week (can be in combination with cardio)
  • Try one workout a week that is NEW!  Like a Pilates class, yoga, barre, something at a local studio, a new workout video, etc…
  • We highly recommend keeping a workout journal in the ToneItUp community to track your progress
  • Believe in YOURSELF!
  • Remember what your trainers always tell you!!
‘You’ll never regret a workout’
‘Change is uncomfortable’
‘Push your limits and you will have none’

What’s coming??  On-the-go nutrition, more workouts, tips & surprises!  Stay tuned :)

You’ve heard us say this before… but today’s challenge is to HYDRATE!!!  It’s Thirsty Thursday!!

***Water increases your metabolism so much that if you’re chronically dehydrated, it can mean up to an 8 pound weight gain (or more) per year. No wonder weight creeps on! Your challenge for the Challenge is to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water PER DAY. Ex: 150lb = 75 oz of water. This doesn’t mean all at once ;)… it means throughout the whole day!
We can all mistake thirst for hunger too, which leads to eating more unnecessary calories, so it’s important to always have water handy. Can you do it? Get your calendar out & mark it to remind yourself to drink at least your calculated water per day.

Some of our favorite Workouts…

Cardio workout… Lean Body Pyramid- Cardio Style!!!

  • 2 Minute Brisk Walk
  • 4 Minutes Jog
  • 10 Second ‘Sprint’- this can just be as fast as you can
  • 30 Second Run (slightly faster than your Jog)
  • 10 Second ‘Sprint’
  • 4 Minutes Jog
  • 2 Minute Brisk Walk
  • Take a breather with water!!!
  • Repeat this 1-2 more times!!! :)

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training Workout… click here.

Toning workout… Lean Arms Pyramid!!

  • 10 Push-ups (can be on knees!)
  • 20 Dips (on edge of chair or bench)
  • 30 Bicep Curls (light weights or water bottles)
  • 40 Seconds Plank on hands 50 Tone It Up Tummy Tucks!!! (click here if you want to see an example of the tummy tuck)
  • 40 Seconds Plank on hands 30 Bicep Curls (light weights or water bottles)
  • 20 Dips (on edge of chair or bench) 10 Push-ups (can be on knees!)


Toning workout… LEAN-LEGS Pyramid!!

Do this in your living room, at the gym, in school, at the office- we don’t care where… Just get it done ;) Ask your friends to join you!!!

  • 20 Squats
  • 30 Lunges
  • 40 Toe touches (head forward, legs straight, bend down & touch your toes)
  • 50 Second wall sit!! (sit up against a wall, legs at 90 degrees and hold it!)
  • 100 Seconds jumping jacks
  • 50 Second wall sit!!
  • 40 Toe touches
  • 30 Lunges
  • 20 Squats

Print your calendar here!

Your trainers,
Karena & Katrina


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