Bikini ABS & Cardio!

Hi Beauties!!

It’s time to put your body and booty first… so set that alarm 30-40 minutes early to sneak in your fat burning workout.  Just imagine us waking you up and saying,

‘You’ll feel better the rest of the day. You won’t regret this, so wake up & do this with us! You deserve to do this for yourself!’… okay yes, & then cracking the whip!!!

It can be a walk, jog, yoga, workout DVD- anything!   Remember, studies show that people who workout first thing in the morning burn a slightly higher percentage of fat, have more energy, eat better throughout the day & stick to a program.  If you miss your morning booty call workout… add 1 mile later :) This can be a jog or walk!



Below is your new bikini workout!!!! Did you know your Bikini Calendar lasts through June 11th? Check it out here…


-Enjoy your night BOOTYLICIOUS :)

Your trainers, Karena & Katrina



Forward this Bikini Booty Call with your friends ;) Spring into Bikini Season with me!


Bikini Body MAX BURN!

-Pair this pyramid with your itty bitty bikini workout video<—- click here.

itty bitty Bikini workout!! Tones the abs & love handles :) PRINT YOUR WORKOUT HERE!

  • Yalisa Dumont

    nice workout!